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TURBO SYN CI-4 D7240 10W-40 (Semi-Syn) 7L

RM 226.00

HI-REV Turbo Syn CI-4 10W-40 is innovative heavy-duty multigrade engine oil developed to meet the needs of modern highly turbocharged and emission control designed engines fitted with EGR system and to protect the older engines running on conventional high sulfur diesel fuel.

Technical Specification :


ACEA E7/B4/A3 (2007)

ACEA E7/B4/B3/A3 (2004)

ACEA E5/E3/B4/B3/A3 (2002)

Renault RLD/RLD-2

Cummins CES 20077/20078

MB 228.3

MAN 3275

Volvo VDS-3/VDS-2

Global DHD-1

Mack EO-M Plus

  • Excellent TBN retention & extended drain interval capability.
  • Improved thermal & oxidation stability.
  • Excellent soot dispersancy & piston deposit control in EGR engines.
  • Superior wear & corrosion protection at high operating temperature.
  • Exceptional low-temperature flow properties.