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TURBO CI4 D5340 15W-40_5L.jpg

TURBO CI-4 D5340 15W-40 5L

RM 116.00

HI-REV Turbo CI-4 is blended with hydrocracked base oils coupled with the latest additive technology provide the ultimate engine protection, cleanliness, extended oil life and fuel economy.

Technical Specification :


SAE 15W-40

ACEA E7-08

MB 228.3

Man 3275


MTU Type 2

Mack EO-M Plus

Cummins CES 20078/77/76

Volvo VDS-3/VDS-2/VDS

Global DHD-1

  • Optimum protection against corrosion wear.
  • Highly shear stable VI improvers.
  • Low & high temperature stability.
  • Excellent oxidation resistance.
  • Increased engine durability & piston cleanliness.