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Multi Vehicle CVTM 1L

RM 70.00

HI-REV CVT M is a fully synthetic multi-vehicle CVT fluid specially engineered to provide excellent protection and performance required in a wide variety of vehicles equipped with push-belt type and chain type Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVTs). 

HI-REV CVT M exhibits a well-balanced, high level of both torque capacity and anti shudder performance. Its excellent anti-shudder and anti-shudder durability not only enhances the reliability of CVT but reduces power loss and enhances both driving comfort and fuel economy.


  • HI-REV CVT M is suitable for use in service fill applications of a wide variety vehicles equipped with push-belt type & chain type CVTs. 
  • HI-REV CVT M is NOT for Honda CVT with wet launch clutch application or Hybrid CVT units or Extroid CVT. 
  • HI-REV CVT M is NOT for chain-belt type CVTs in Audi/VW (TL 52180 G 052 180)