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TURBO SYN CI-4 D7350 15W-50 (Semi Syn) 7L

RM 213.00

HI-REV Turbo SYN CI-4 15W-50 is a premium semi-synthetic heavy-duty engine oil formulated to satisfy the challenging needs of high performance turbocharger and 4X4 enthusiasts in high-revving, high-stress and high-temperature applications in modern heavy-duty turbocharged and supercharged diesel and gasoline engines.

Technical Specification :


SAE 15W-50

  • Exceptional thermal & oxidation stability.
  • Excellent deposit control & soot handling capability.
  • Extraordinary durability at high temperatures.
  • Superior shear stability & less oil thickening for better wear protection.
  • Maximum protection against high-stress & excessive load conditions.
  • Minimizes oil consumption.
  • Longer oil drain intervals.