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ATF LVS (Fully Syn) 4L

RM 206.50

HI-REV ATF LVS is fully synthetic automatic transmission fluid (ATF) engineered to meet the latest ATF requirements of Asian OEMs with lower viscosity and longer anti-shudder durability as well as North American and European Step-type ATs.

Technical Specification :

Toyota WS

Honda DW-1

Nissan Matic-S

Hyundai / KIA SP IV

Mitsubishi SP-IV

Mazda FZ

Ford Mercon SP

GM Dexron VI

  • Extended friction durability.
  • Superior anti-shudder durability.
  • Excellent shear stability.
  • Exceptional EP & wear performance.
  • Outstanding torque capacity retention.
  • Enhanced thermal & oxidative stability.