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IRC iZ-S Super Sport S99 Tires (70/90-17 F T/L)

RM 100.00

Wheel : Front

Size : 70/90-17 M/C 38S

Pattern : S99

Type : Tubeless

Overall Diameter : 559mm

Overall Width : 69mm

Measurement Rim : MT 1.60

Standard RIM : MT 1.60

Developed specially for sport bike (Engine Type: 150cc-300cc) with "Sport Trend" that can be used General Purpose, Sport Touring and High Speed Riding, which combine with the best design between Excellent Grip and Excellent Control Response moreover for maximum safety of end-user.

Special "Aramic Belt Structure" reinforced construction and angel of balance when cornering. 

To increase accuracy and reliable when riding and integrate with sport trendy, versatility that made iZ-S to be one of the outstanding tire.