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PRO 15W-50 (Fully Syn) 4L

RM 323.00

TorQe PRO 15W-50 is a high performance fully synthetic engine oil formulated with a unique blend of PAO and ESTER PLUS to provide maximum horsepower and protection for high revving engines enduring extreme stress and operating in most severe driving conditions.

Technical Specifications:

  • API SP
  • SAE 15W-50
  • ACEA A3 / B4


  • Prolongs engine life through exceptional wear protection and durability
  • Excellent thermal and oxidation stability exhibits strong performance in extreme temperatures
  • Advanced additive technology reduces friction and delivering improved film formation & increased horsepower
  • Low volatility
  • Superior shear stability delivers optimum film thickness and stable oil pressure for maximum engine performance, even in severe race conditions.

Suitable for high-performance engines:

  • Gasoline & Diesel (Non-DPF)
  • European / American / Japanese cars